High quality physiotherapy assessment and treatment of a range of conditions in your home and community. We work with you to develop a list of realistic goals that we can then work on together. We tailor your treatment, including exercises and practise to help you achieve these goals. We can provide our treatment to you in your home environment or in the wider community depending on what your goals are.

Treatment may include:

  • Exercise Program Prescription – with the aim to maintain or improve strength, flexibility, fitness, mobility, function
  • Equipment prescription. Includes gait aid, wheelchair and other assistive device prescription as required.
  • Retraining movement to make it more efficient, increase ease and maximise independence with everyday movements such as bed mobility, bed transfers, chair transfers, walking, stairs.
  • Mobility training in your home or in the community. This may be improving your ability to walk unaided or with aids, catch public transport, or improve your endurance or it may be practising your wheelchair or scooter skills in the community so you are independent accessing the community.
  • Carer training. Teaching a carer on how to best help you with day to day tasks, community access or with your exercise program. This is important both for their back safety and your safety.
  • Gym visits. Visits to your gym to set you up with a tailored program and ensure safety where required.
  • Hydrotherapy for treatment or to establish a hydrotherapy program for you to do independently or with a carer. Carer training in the hydrotherapy pool can also be offered.

We also always endeavour to provide you with relevant information on your condition which may assist your understanding of what has happened, allow for realistic expectations and to assist you in managing your condition into the future.

Please call us for pricing details.

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